Life Challenge : I will mirror you

  I will pay you back in the same coin, or that I will mock you, I will commit on you – what you do with me or anyone common to both of us; I’ll do the same to you – I will mirror you.    Overtime you will realize that I’m not on the Read More

Chai points Chandigarh (WIP)

In this post we’ll try to cover (when I say we, it means, you too can contribute, #contribute by writing to puri1786ATgmailDOTcom) all possible Tea joints across City Beautiful – Chandigarh. This post is under construction, looking forward to your bricks/contribution! #contribute by writing to puri1786ATgmailDOTcom Chai has seen close & decent competition from coffee, aerated drinks, fruit Read More

First Post

So folks! Here we begin EBR (“Engage Beyond Range“) again.   When and how it got started ? I am not a staunch reader, neither did like writing/creative-writing, so blogging wasn’t a choice, but a miracle. Like I usually say – “doing the impossible may take time, while miracles keep happening”. I started EBR in Read More


Quora’fati hogaya hun!

Amazed to see a community (as of now it looks like one) growing so rapidly, so well. I really am happy about the quality of the answers there and also the questions. At times I would sit and think of hours about what topic to write a post on, but with Quora coming in, that Read More


connected is old, attention is new!

[ click to enlarge | MS Powerpoint ] This is my version of www.soilmag.comin this age of conversations, ATTENTION is becoming a scarce resource! it’s all about #people #relationships #social exchange being on facebook + twitter + linkedin doesn’t mean you are connected you are connected when you add value+and engage* Read More


Happy Birthday Mom | 2012

As I write this poem, There’s a feeling deep within, so gladsome, On this birth day of yours Mom, Another great year of yours I welcome! Things have been great with me, And I know, they’ll always be, For that you are there somewhere Mom, To love, serve & care Thy had sent Thee! I Read More


Lose Weight | A lung at a time!

If you want to lose weight for once and for all.If you want to lose weight without putting in much.If you want to lose weight & make others too lose some without doing anything at all.If you want to join the league of 5 Million experts. > Smoke! And if you want to get rid Read More


Close to Home, Close to Heart!

The challenge was to come up with a poster which a Kirana Store should be putting up to retain it’s customers, fighting the new local competitor coming up, a Mall. Read More


How can a blog influence ?

source: These days I am trying to answer a question on daily. Today, I came across a question on blogging & I was really surprised by the answer I wrote. It was so inline with the answer itself (1. the answer was an action learning activity in itself and 2. I wrote it as Read More


Peace* is a Birthright!

 We usually slip into the comfortable feeling that we are at Peace*. Just because there are no breaking-news about across border infiltration or any geographic mishap, we assume that we are all doing well & that the Nation is at Peace. Just because we are not being dragged into an uncomfortable situation, we feel we Read More

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