Second First Post

So Folks!

Here we begin EBR (“Engage Beyond Range“) again.

When and how it got started ?

I am not a staunch reader, neither did like writing/creative-writing, so blogging wasn’t a choice, but a miracle. Like I usually say – “doing the impossible may take time, while miracles keep happening”.

I started EBR in 2009. Having read an article on Zen Habits (by Leo Babauta) I was inspired to have a blog. EBR was technically an activity to utilize my free time, but just so that I could fill it with interesting stuff, I got involved in doing things which brought more happiness and satisfaction.

How it got it’s name ?

Around those days Anant (my younger brother) was much into doing long cycling stretches; 90kms, 110kms. And every time he would cover a longer distance, he would also challenge time. Over a bed-time chat he told me that a human body, like human a mind is usually not utilized well, one can always train it and stay engaged in activities beyond one’s regular capacity, beyond a range. That’s it, that was it!

The re-launch!

EBR wasn’t being much attended to since last few years, to be exact, this post is happening after exactly 2 years. 2yrs is long time in a blog’s life time. Lately, it again struck me that I should revamp the template, use my idle lying domain and try to get engaged beyond range.

I’d like to extend my special thanks to

  • Anant, my brother, for all his inspiring tips & motivating talks.
  • My parents, for their uninterrupted & powerful support!
  • Abhishek, my colleague, for setting this blog & domain and asking me to write more on productivity.

Shall keep updating this list, every week a miracle happens, every month I meet a magician.

Quora’fati hogaya hun!

Amazed to see a community (as of now it looks like one) growing so rapidly, so well. I really am happy about the quality of the answers there and also the questions. At times I would sit and think of hours about what topic to write a post on, but with Quora coming in, that quest has got it’s answer.

I will be spending more time on Quora hereon, and thence wouldn’t be able to add blogs as frequently. Please feel free to follow/review/suggest me on my answers on Quora. There is a link to my profile on Quora, on the right pane of this blog, sharing the same below as well.

My Quora profile :

Looking forward to meeting you soon, in person preferably. 

PS : I’m not on Quora to gather credits, please upvote only if you are convinced with my answers.

Happy Birthday Mom | 2012

As I write this poem,
There’s a feeling deep within, so gladsome,
On this birth day of yours Mom,
Another great year of yours I welcome!
Things have been great with me,
And I know, they’ll always be,
For that you are there somewhere Mom,
To love, serve & care Thy had sent Thee!
I do miss the great times together,
Your presence alone, would make things better,
I remember all the lessons you taught me Mom,
I shall keep them with me now and forever!
I feel so blessed with all I’ve got,
To comfort me, you gave away your lot,
How did you do it all Mom,
Doing it, is way harder than I’d thought!
On this birthday I have nothing to give,
But with a lot of contentment in heart I live,
Life is not as short as we think it is Mom,
Sooner than later shall we all together live!!
A very very happy birthday dearestest Mom! <3

Lose Weight | A lung at a time!

If you want to lose weight for once and for all.
If you want to lose weight without putting in much.
If you want to lose weight & make others too lose some without doing anything at all.
If you want to join the league of 5 Million experts.

> Smoke!

And if you want to get rid of Smoking, continue smoking, cancer will help you once and for all!

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How can a blog influence ?

These days I am trying to answer a question on daily. Today, I came across a question on blogging & I was really surprised by the answer I wrote. It was so inline with the answer itself (1. the answer was an action learning activity in itself and 2. I wrote it as if I was recording it and no one is ever going to read it); thence, I had to bring it on the blog.

Quora Question: How does blogging work, and how influential can it be?

My take on the question:

There are 2 perspectives to everything – internal and external. For me, blogging is a way to maintain my ‘Internal Locus of Control’. So, that’s the context of my answer to your question.

For me it’s a great Introspection Tool, it’s an Action Learning Activity in itself. How > when you are to write, you are forced to recall the entire event, person, characteristics, circumstance, product or subject about which you’ll be blogging. So, you actually get to look at the whole thing again, with patience and get to ask Questions to yourself. Silently when you ask questions to yourself, you tend to ‘Coach’ yourself; which is a significant potential every human being has, but since we don’t get to practice it often, we fail to utilize this potential well. 

Blogging can be a beautiful companion (as good as Books are) if you can ask great questions and are authentic towards answering them genuinely.

The ideal way to blog is > to record things & as you write you should eliminate the feeling that someone-someday will be reading it. When you achieve this ‘state’, you’ll then write what you feel & think, you’ll be surprised by the real-you!! Unlike, on a social site, wherein you write what people want to read and perceive about you, which generally is the fake/another side of yours, which for me is a Fraud.

I really am not a good sales person, so I am not sure how you can use it to influence others; but yes! Your ideas, concepts & rituals can reach out to many out there – and benefit them. And you can always create a Virtual Organization of Great Consequences.

Happy Blogging!

Peace* is a Birthright!

 We usually slip into the comfortable feeling that we are at Peace*. Just because there are no breaking-news about across border infiltration or any geographic mishap, we assume that we are all doing well & that the Nation is at Peace. Just because we are not being dragged into an uncomfortable situation, we feel we are all at peace. But, somehow, somewhere out there, things aren’t the same.
Well, it feels peaceful now. But to paraphrase the great Anonymous: The wise man learns from other people’s mistakes. The sensible man doesn’t make the same mistake twice. And the fool fails to learn from his own mistakes. History (and being in the Eternal City makes one more than usually conscious of the past) affords thousands of examples of the folly of falling into complacency when a threat seems to have temporarily abated.
Yes! we have been intentionally committing mistakes, No! not mistakes > crimes! You may disagree that you didn’t do a crime, but letting one happen in front of your eyes & failing to confront the same is a Crime too. We are all friends in making our Nation an unhappy one, silently, gradually, since so long.

Why the question ‘why me?’, why not the question ‘why us?’ Peace can never be an objective of an Individual alone, but of everyone, it needs to be a part of a sustainable cycle. We have been fooling ourselves by repeatedly telling our brains that happiness & peace are just states of human mind. But, then why should some of us suffer the consequences of the acts of the ones who are rejoicing. It’s wrong!
It’s time that we understand & get ourselves apprised of the reality, encounter it face to face & make Peace a belonging of not just the mankind, but the ecosystem, of which we are a fraction of.
Peace* is everyone’s birthright!

what continuously drives me..

by Hersh Sharma | at Tsuglagkhang Temple, McLeod Ganj

you may-not get what you want | but you may get what you need

At times, I ask myself “what keeps you up & running? And that you usually like to stay energized & enthusiastic about everything which comes your way!”. 

So, here is an attempt to answer the question and I’ll try converting the formula into simple possible words, I hope it helps:

a. convert your big stuff into smaller parts
this not only makes things look small & easy to accomplish, but also gives you substantial opportunities to celebrate the success at every step.

b. multitask but don’t loose the grip
it may so happen that you are into a situation wherein you’r expected to manage multiple things and you may not be good at it, so what do you do? > you continue to give all you have and imagine of the ‘Great Times!’ you’ll get to see post your task’s completion. And may what come > don’t let your grip on each task go low.

c. work like a puppet, think like a master
just keep on delivering > don’t think what the results would be, don’t think about what you’ll get out of what you are doing, don’t imagine what people will say about your way of working > at the end of the day they all will remember what you have delivered and not how it has been delivered. Do the things your way | and JUST be cautious that your decisions shouldn’t hurt or harm anyone.

d. listen. write. breathe.
listen to all the free advices, suggestions, recommendations, comments and listen carefully & wholeheartedly, everyone speaks for others welfare, conduct may vary.
write what you have to do > that will help you align ideas with what you have to execute, and checklist should be the first thing in your checklist.
breathe when you feel stuck, breathe deep-n-slow, recall all you have listen to & read the written.

e. if you can’t, no one else can
you don’t have to be overconfident about your skills & potential, but you should keep telling yourself that you are the best at what lies in front of you and that you should > you must > you alone are capable of bringing justice to it. YOU are the PACEMAKER!

and.. the rest will roll > all by itself > believe me!